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Image by Guillermo Ferla

Our Amenities and Services

Our hotel offers a wide range of amenities to ensure you have an ever-expanding fun experience. Relax in our cosmic spa, enjoy our galactic pools, play tennis like a universal pro, race around the galaxy on our go karts, explore new realms in our Virtual Reality rooms, defy gravity in the Space Room, and play games in our Retro meets future arcade. There will be something for everyone at our hotel

Go Kart.jpg

Go Karts

Race around the Milky Way Galaxy

Arcade 2.jpg

Retro meets Futuristic Arcade

Play the games of old, new and even the games of Tomorrow.


Cosmic Spa

Relax and enjoy the spa of tomorrow. We've searched the known Universe for the best methods of relaxation.

Image by Guillermo Ferla
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