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Rooms at Beyond Hotel

Our guest rooms are the perfect blend of style and comfort. Featuring vibrant LED lighting, custom art and furniture, each room is unique and includes our own Virtual Windows, giving you the opportunity to explore the known and unknown universe from the comfort of your own room. Our luxurious and futuristic rooms will make your stay at the Beyond Hotel an enjoyable and memorable experience. Make sure to check out some of our select guest rooms and start planning your stay today

Standard Room 1.jpg

The Cosmic BackPacker

Ideal for the Cosmic Traveler on a Budget. A high quality bed for an amazing nights rest!

Standard Room Double Beds.jpg

The Family Council Suite

Everything You Need for a family or friend group. Comes with two wonderful beds, sleeper sofa and breakfast nook.

Deluxe Room 1.jpg

Officer of the Galaxy

An upgrade from the Cosmic Backpacker, enjoy extra space, a desk and more seating.

Vibrant Room.jpg

The Vibrant Room

Here for the Vibes! Enjoy a variable color room completely adjustable to fit your mood :)

The Entertainer Suite.jpg

Entertainer Suite

Oh, you know who you are! Enjoy the outdoor hot tub as you explore the Galaxy with friends and family!

Kids Suite.jpg

Multi-Bedroom Family Council

An upgrade from Family Council suite. Comes with 1st Bedroom: King Bed, Separate Living Room w/ sleeper sofa , separate kids suite and breakfast nook.

Govenor Suite.jpg

Galactic Governor

Customize your experience in the Galactic Governor. Included Balcony, Sauna bathtub, breakfast nook and more!

Room with Balcony_edited.jpg

Cosmic Backpacker(w/ Balcony)

It's the standard Cosmic Backpacker with a balcony and customizeable transportation window.

Prince and Princess Suite.jpg

Cosmic Royalty Suite

This is it! You are at the height of the Cosmos. Every amenity of each room in this oversized luxurious suite( with exception of Galactic Townhomes).

Standard Bathroom 2.jpg

Alien Latrine(Bathroom)

This bathroom type is found in our Cosmic Backpacker, Cosmic Backpacker w/ Balcony, Vibrant, Family Council rooms.

Deluxe bathroom 2.jpg

Deluxe Throneroom

This deluxe bathroom is found in our Officer, Galactic Governor, Entertainer, Multi-Room Family Council Suites

Floating Tub Bathroom.jpg

Cosmic Bath

The Ultimate bathroom found in our Cosmic Royalty Suite.

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